Why Does the Make and Model of my Car Impact my Insurance Rate?

Everyone with a driver’s license or vehicle needs auto insurance because it is required by law. Furthermore, auto insurance can help to alleviate some of the financial stress that accompanies a car accident. Anyone who has owned multiple cars knows that the make and model of a car will impact the insurance rate; however, many people will wonder why. Some of the key information detailing the reasons behind this are explored below.

First, some cars are simply more expensive than others. Therefore, if this car is damaged or destroyed in a car accident, the company would have to pay out a larger claim to cover this cost. To justify this risk, a car insurance company will charge a higher insurance premium to cover these luxury vehicles. Do not be surprised if a luxury car also has a higher insurance rate.

Next, some cars are more likely to be involved in car accidents. Everyone knows that some cars are safer than others and some cars are more reliable than others. If a car is more likely to be involved in a car accident or suffer damage, the company is going to charge a higher policy to cover these vehicles. People should invest in safe cars for a lower insurance rate.

Finally, some cars are more commonly stolen or broken into than others. There are detailed statistics that explain the types of cars that thieves will target. Cars that are more likely to be stolen will have a higher insurance rate than others.

For citizens in the Fort Collins, CO area looking for auto insurance, contact an experienced insurance agent. Alliance Insurance Services, serving the Fort Collins, CO will have the information necessary to help every customer find the right coverage to suit their needs.

What Home Insurance Do I Need In Colorado

It’s important to have home insurance in Fort Collins, CO that you can rely on. This way, you can file a claim and know that the insurance company will take care of you. Knowing what you need will make it easier for you to get a policy.

What’s Included in a Policy

The first thing you need to know is what’s included in a policy. You will generally be covered for fire, theft, storms, and several other incidents. Further, you will have coverage for your home, your belongings, and liability. The liability will cover what happens to others in your home as well as damage your family may do to someone else’s home.

It’s up to you as to what coverage you add above and beyond what is included in a standard policy. This is when it’s a good idea to review the fine print and see what the exclusions are.

What You Should Add

Purchasing home insurance is an individual process. What you need may be very different from what one of your neighbors need. For example, if you have a pool, you may want added liability. If you have a lot of jewelry or artwork, it may make sense to have high-value property coverage on your policy.

When you work with an independent agent from Alliance Insurance Services, you can receive recommendations as to what you should get. Ask questions and find out what other homeowners have. Learn about ways you can add coverage to your policy so you are protected against other things that could happen, such as a flood or smoke damage.

It will make it easier to enjoy your home if you know you have reliable coverage.

Contact our agents at Alliance Insurance Services today to learn more about the home insurance you should have in Fort Collins, CO.



Getting Your Car Ready For Winter in Fort Collins, CO

It is no secret that the winters in the Fort Collins, CO area are brutal. Keeping your car reliable and safe during this time of year will require a bit of work on your behalf. There are a variety of things you can do to ensure your car is ready for the winter weather. Below are some of the things you need to do before the first freeze of winter arrives.

Performing a Check of the Car’s Battery

Getting a car’s battery checked out by a professional before the winter weather arrives is essential. The colder weather can wreak havoc on a battery and may leave you stranded on the side of the road. By allowing a mechanic to check the overall strength of the battery and the corrosion build up on the terminals is a great way to keep this part of a vehicle in good shape. If a new battery is required, the mechanic will be able to install it in a hurry and get you back on the road.

Get Your Car’s Oil Changed

Without the proper amount of oil in a vehicle, the internal parts of the engine will start to deteriorate rapidly. Due to the frigid winter temperatures that are common in the Fort Collins, CO area, you will need to pay close attention to when you need to get your oil changed. The mechanic that you visit may want to change the weight of the oil put into your engine to compensate for the freezing temperatures of winter. While you are getting your oil changed, be sure to let the professionals give your air and fuel filter a glance to see if they need to be changed.

If you are looking to bulk up your car insurance coverage, be sure to contact Alliance Insurance Services. The team at Alliance Insurance Services will be able to help you find a policy that fits your needs.

End of Year Decisions To Make – Don’t Let the Year End Without Insurance

As we come to the end of year 2016, there are a lot of things to consider. Evaluating what is important comes to mind as you look back over the year and all of the events that have transpired therein. Do you have the right type of insurance for your home, business or automobile? Some people actually live their lives without insurance in constant fear of getting caught. It’s not worth it.

Insurance is not always something we want to think about. Much easier to tend to the financial topics of life that we have to take care of like paying mortgages, car notes, and rent. Imagine that you are in a situation where you need coverage and you do not have it. There is absolutely no replacement for insurance. As an uninsured you would be left with a myriad of poor excuses, not to mention a mountain of debt or worse.

Serving the beautiful city of Fort Collins, CO and surrounding areas in the state of Colorado, Alliance Insurance Services can give you the quality and detailed attention that you need in order to learn exactly what insurance products you require. When choosing an insurance agent it is imperative that you pick someone who is familiar with your needs. The weather that we experience in Colorado is unique to our locale. Our professionals are well-versed in understanding how the weather can impact your particular insurance policy. A detail like that can be lost on an agent who is not familiar with Fort Collins or the Colorado area.  Alliance Insurance Services offers comprehensive policies for the following needs:

  • Homeowner
  • Auto
  • Umbrella
  • Business

While these are general types of insurance that we offer, you would need to contact the agency directly to gather information on the specifics of what coverage you require.  Please contact us to learn more of how we can serve your insurance needs.