The cold, hard truth about life insurance

You may be like others in Arvada, CO who believe that life insurance is an option. You are sorely mistaken. Life insurance is an absolute necessity that no fiscally responsible breadwinner should go without. The agents at Alliance Insurance Services can give you the facts about the indemnity option and show you the reality of life insurance not being as expensive as you thought. 

Life insurance is not an option.

Too many hard-working adults pass on the opportunity of obtaining life insurance when they are young because they believe the indemnity option is for "old people." Did you know, though, that it is much cheaper to buy a policy when you are in your twenties and thirties than when you are over fifty-years-old? Life insurance works so that those who plan ahead and buy early are rewarded with lower rates. You get even more discounts if you are both young and in model health. A basic term policy may not be as expensive as you think, which means that you have little excuse for not investing in a life insurance plan. 

A policy for your children does not exclude you from needing a plan.

Some parents make the mistake of believing that purchasing a life insurance policy for their kids means that the family will be covered if something were to happen to them, the breadwinners of the group. The reality is that an assurance plan for your children has no bearing on consequences surrounding your quality of life. The family would still be in a financial bind if you were severely injured or, save fate, died. The only way to secure financial stability for your family beyond the grave is with a life insurance policy of your own. 

Alliance Insurance Services is happy to help you find the right life insurance policy so that your family can live comfortably in Arvada, CO long after your time. Call us today for a quote!

Starting a Business in Arvada? Here’s why you need a Commercial Insurance

As an aspiring business owner in Arvada, CO, it is prudent to take up commercial insurance for your business. The coverage will cushion you financially from risks such as expensive legal suits and natural hazards. Here are other reasons why you should consider taking up commercial insurance;

It is a legal requirement
The law requires that any business with one or more employees have a workers’ compensation cover. Failure to have this could result in criminal penalties and fines which are costlier than the cost of a policy.

It enhances your eligibility for credit
When you are requesting for a business loan, one of the requirements from financial institutions is the proof of the business’ insurance. 

It caters to your employees’ welfare
Having an insurance cover for your employees not only protects your business against liability claims and lawsuits but is also a way of attracting and retaining qualified employees. Along with a good salary and good working conditions, workers are attracted to such things as disability and health insurance.

You are guaranteed of business continuity
With access to loans from financial institutions, your business can grow and compete. In the event of a loss, you are guaranteed that you will resume your business operations once your insurance claim is settled.

It provides credibility to your business
Having an insurance cover for your business assures your suppliers and customers that should anything go wrong they will be compensated. Indeed, most contracts demand that you present an insurance proof.

Are you starting a business in Arvada? Contact Alliance Insurance Services. Our services are tailor-made to meet your commercial insurance needs. Browse our website for an estimate of your coverage options. While at it, have a look at our other insurance solutions in Arvada, CO. 

Does My Home Insurance Policy Cover Flood?

Nobody knows what the future holds. Nobody even knows what will happen in the next minute. It’s not easy to be a homeowner in America, which is why you need to protect your house from the unknown. Disasters happen every now then, and as a homeowner, you have a lot to lose from such. You need to protect the investment that is your home.

Homeowner’s Insurance

How can you do that? Simple, by getting a homeowner’s insurance policy to shield yourself from financial losses that may arise from the occurrence of a disastrous event. A homeowner’s insurance policy typically covers the structure of your home and some of the personal belongings in it. For instance, if a fire breaks out and destroys your home and everything inside, you are entitled to compensation for the house itself, most of the belongings inside, and depending on the terms of your policy, accommodation as the repair work for your home continues.

Does Your Homeowner’s Policy Cover All Types of Risks?

A typical homeowner’s insurance covers a lot of perils from theft to fire, vandalism, and natural disasters. But it doesn’t cover everything. In most cases, high-value items such as jewelry are not catered for by a standard homeowner’s policy, and you have to get additional coverage if you want such items covered. Most notably, standard homeowners’ policies don’t provide coverage against floods. If you want your home covered against losses in the event of a flood, you will have to purchase a standalone flood policy.

The federal government, through the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) in collaboration with the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), provides coverage against floods to areas considered to be flood prone. You can also purchase a private flood insurance policy from reputable insurance providers. If you live in Arvada, CO, Alliance Insurance Services has got your back. For information on our private flood insurance policy, call us and speak to one of our agents directly.

Does Your Motorcycle Insurance Cover You Without A Helmet?

Motorcycle riders in Arvada, CO know that they are required, by law, to wear a helmet when they ride. Colorado is one of the states that makes this mandatory, but what if you ride without one? Will a policy from Alliance Insurance Services still cover your accident?

Any accident you suffer while on a motorcycle covered by insurance is likely to be covered by your policy. This fact is true even if you aren’t wearing a helmet. However, the lack of a helmet could complicate your coverage a little and make some instances of coverage more difficult.

For example, continually wearing your helmet and following the law will likely decrease your claim if you do get in an accident. That’s because the helmet will protect you from the kind of serious head injury that can often be so debilitating in motorcycle accidents.

For example, one study has shown that hospitalization costs go up by more than one-third after an accident if you fail to wear a helmet. Your policy will struggle to pay for these extra costs and may not cover everything, leaving you with a large bill to pay.

Just as importantly, getting in a crash without a helmet may cause you to get fined for not obeying the helmet laws. When this fine is reported to your insurance company, they are likely to increase your rates. That’s because you are now a high-risk driver who has shown poor driving choices when on their bike.

In some instances, your Arvada, CO motorcycle insurance policy may not insure you if you are doing anything illegal. For example, some may consider riding without a helmet an illegal act which may invalidate your policy.

However, liability insurance will pay for damage to others caused by your motorcycle accident, no matter what the cause. So contact us at Alliance Insurance Services to learn more about this situation and avoid serious financial difficulties.

What Types of Terrain Are Ideal to Drive an SUV On?

To properly take care of your SUV, you will want to be aware of your surroundings. Take for example that you’re driving through the snow in Arvada, CO. If the roads are slippery, then dropping the SUV down into four-wheel drive is a great choice to make. This can help ensure that you get to your destination safely. For now, let’s take a quick look at the different types of terrain that are ideal to drive an SUV on.

What Types of Terrain Are Ideal to Drive an SUV On?

When it comes to driving your SUV through different types of terrain, you first need to consider the type of drivetrain your vehicle has. Did you know that nearly 33 percent of the vehicles operated in the United States have four-wheel drive or all-wheel drive drivetrains? And while both types of drivetrains boast various benefits, they still differ from one another.

Years ago, to drop your SUV into four-wheel drive, you would have to exit the vehicle and manually make sure the front wheel hubs were locked. Thanks to advancements in technology, though, you can now simply press a button and your SUV will automatically put itself into four-wheel drive. Putting your SUV into the four-wheel drive is especially advantageous when driving on terrain that is covered in snow or ice. It is not ideal, though, for driving on terrain that requires you to make sharp turns and abrupt stops.

An SUV that is the all-wheel drive is generally far more ideal on terrains that require you to make sharp turns than a vehicle with four-wheel drive. However, it is important to understand that all-wheel drive SUVs do not come with low-range gearing, meaning they are not ideal for off-road use.

Protect Your SUV Today

Whether you have an all-wheel drive or four-wheel drive SUV, you will want to travel the roads safer by making sure you have proper insurance coverage. Contact Alliance Insurance Services serving the Arvada, CO area to learn more about adding insurance to your SUV.

Are there different levels of RV insurance depending on how often I use it?

If you own an RV in Arvada, CO, it is probably your pride and joy. You know that you can depend on your time on the road in your recreational vehicle to bring you pleasure and relaxation. And you probably already have a minimal policy at Alliance Insurance Services to make sure your investment is protected.

Colorado requires all RVs which are on the road to carry liability and uninsured motorist insurance, with at least $30,000 for bodily injury liability and at least $60,000 for all parties involved in an accident. But what about the times you are not on the road? Do you need to pay for coverage for the entire year, for instance, when you can only use your RV in the summer?

Your homeowner’s policy may cover your RV during times when it is being stored on your property. Unfortunately, it may not be protected at a level which would allow you to be reimbursed for the amount you would need to replace or repair your RV if there were an unfortunate accident or theft. Check with your insurance agent if you have any question about your policy limits.

Additionally, you may be required to carry full coverage on your RV if you are still paying on a loan. Failure to carry insurance could cause your lender to impose an unwanted, expensive insurance policy on your RV so they can protect themselves against a loss.

If you own your RV outright are really trying to save money on your RV insurance during the offseason, ask your Alliance Insurance Services agent about comprehensive coverage just for those months. This will ensure your RV against theft, fire, water damage or any other disasters. Call today if you live in Arvada, CO and want to get the protection you need.

What Happens if My Bike Is Damaged while In Storage?

The agents of Alliance Insurance Services are able to offer accurate and reliable insurance information to their clients to help them protect their property from financial loss. If you live in the Arvada, CO area or the neighboring communities, you can get the answers you need concerning ensuring your motorcycle all year long, even during the months it’s placed in storage due to the changing of the seasons.

Storage Insurance

When you winterize your bike and put it in storage, it means it won’t be on the road for at least three or four months. Many bike owners continue to carry their motorcycle insurance in case of any damage that may occur while the bike is stored. Some insurance companies offer their customers a reduced rate during this time because there is no public liability or risk of property damage to another person’s property.

What You Should Do

Your bike can be damaged during storage, especially if it is stored at a public facility with other types of vehicles. It can fall over or have something fall on it, damaging the paint, breaking mirrors, or doing many other types of damage. If this occurs, your first step is to file a police report and then file a claim with your insurance agent. The facility where you store your bike should carry some type of liability insurance. If they don’t, your policy will be the one that must pay for the damage.

In Arvada, CO, you can turn to the agents of Alliance Insurance Services for all of your insurance need. Whether you are putting your motorcycle in storage or taking off on a cross-country vacation, they have the answers you need. Call and schedule an insurance review today!

Do I Need Comprehensive Coverage on My Motorcycle Insurance Policy?

Riding a motorcycle on the open road is a great mode of transportation and can be a lot of fun. While motorcycles can be great recreational vehicles, they are also expensive assets that should be insured.  While most people in the Arvada, CO area are aware that they need to have liability insurance in order to be in compliance with state laws, many could also benefit from having comprehensive insurance coverage.  There are several factors to consider when deciding whether you should have comprehensive insurance coverage on your motorcycle.

Cost to Replace

The first factor to consider when determining if you need to have comprehensive insurance coverage is what the cost to replace will be.  If you cannot afford to replace the motorcycle out of pocket, comprehensive insurance is a necessity as it will provide you with coverage for a variety of situations including theft, vandalism, or damage in some types of accidents.

Loan or Lease

Another important factor to consider when determining if you need comprehensive insurance coverage is if you have a loan or lease on the motorcycle.  If you financed the purchase of the bike with a loan or a lease, the financing provider will undoubtedly require you to have a comprehensive insurance policy in place.  If your bike happens to be stolen or damaged beyond repair, the comprehensive insurance will help you to pay off the loan and outstanding lease balance.

When you are looking for your next insurance policy for your motorcycle, speaking to the Alliance Insurance Services \would be beneficial.  Alliance Insurance Services will be able to help Arvada, CO area residents better understand their insurance needs.  This can include helping them to build a policy that provides the right level of coverage.

Can I Still Buy Life Insurance Even When I Am Over 60?

A person who is over 60 can buy life insurance in Arvada, CO. The state of Colorado guarantees this fact.

Alliance Insurance Services has been providing people over 60 in Arvada, CO with life insurance counsel, advice, and policies that fit their exact needs for a long time. We have come to understand the life insurance issues that are most important to people over 60.

Many people who are over 60 depended on life insurance from an employer. That life insurance did not continue when they retired or were forced to retire due to their health. The desire to protect the assets that they have earned over a lifetime is the reason that they seek the protection of life insurance. Keeping their family from needless financial worry in the event of their death is another reason.

Alliance Insurance Services can provide you with some advantages when you are over 60 and looking for a life insurance policy that fits your situation. We are not tied to any company. We have a relationship with the largest and best life insurance providers in the United States.

This allows us to let you pick and choose. You get what is best for you without being pushed into a policy that may not be the exact fit that you need. We have the experience to fit you with the policy from the right company for you.

Our second advantage that we offer you is our time. We will spend as much time as you need explaining the differences between term life, whole life, and universal life. We want you to understand what you are getting. Our satisfaction is that you are completely comfortable with your choice.

Financial peace of mind and protection for your family is just a call away.

3 Tips for Getting Commercial Insurance in Arvada, CO

If you own or run a business, protecting it should be a top priority. While you may be aware that you need commercial insurance coverage in Arvada, CO, you may not know the best way to go about acquiring it. This can be tricky, which is why it is a good idea for you to use the tips here. Doing so will provide you with a step by step guide to ensure you get the coverage you need.

1. Bundle Your Policies 

You likely already have insurance with an insurance provider. This can be anything – homeowner’s insurance, car insurance, renter’s insurance, etc. If so, a good place to start is by asking your existing provider, such as Alliance Insurance Services, about bundling.

With bundling, you will have several policies, all provided by the same insurance company. Not only is this convenient for you, it can also help you save money. Be sure to ask about this option first.

2. Compare Quotes 

It is also a good idea to compare a few quotes from several different insurance providers in Arvada, CO prior to purchasing a policy. Doing so will help you get the best deal for your money. The fact is, when you compare quotes, you will be able to do a side by side comparison that lets you know which policy offers the most value and provides the best level of protection for your commercial property.

3. Work with a Reputable Agent

The best thing you can do when purchasing commercial insurance is to find and work with a reputable insurance. They can do the hard work for you and make sure you get the best coverage.

If you need help or more information about purchasing commercial insurance, be sure to contact the staff at Alliance Insurance Services serving Arvada, CO.