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What You Need to Know About Insuring Vintage or High-Value Motorcycles

If you live in or near Arvada, CO, you don’t need to be told how stunningly beautiful the area is. Picturesque mountains and big, beautiful skies make it exactly the kind of place that’s perfect for a leisurely ride on the back of a classic motorcycle.

But it’s important to understand that insuring a classic or vintage motorcycle isn’t as simple as with a newer bike. At Alliance Insurance Services, we can help you make sure your policy is suitable for your bike. In the meantime, here’s an overview of what you should know.

Classic Motorcycle Insurance and Colorado Law

As with any other vehicle you plan on actually using for transportation purposes, you are required by Colorado law to carry liability insurance on any bike you plan to ride, even occasionally. This includes vintage bikes.

But even if you never ride your classic bike, it’s still essential to protect it. Otherwise, you’ll lose your investment in your motorcycle if it’s ever stolen, vandalized, or damaged.

Storage and Security Matter

Factors like how well your bike is cared for, where you store it, and whether additional security measures protect it always affect your insurance policy and premiums. But they’re essential when insuring a high-value motorcycle.

Like insurance itself, ironclad security or safety measures like lighted storage conditions, tracking devices, and cameras protect your bike’s value.

Beyond the Bare Minimum

By law, you’re only required to carry liability insurance on your Arvada, CO motorcycle. And, of course, you’ll want to carry specialized insurance if you drive a classic or high-value bike. But be sure to consider factors like how often you ride your bike, inclement weather conditions where you ride, and more when deciding how much insurance you need.

Give us a call at Alliance Insurance Services and take the following steps toward the protection your vintage bike deserves. We’ll be happy to help you figure everything out.

Why You Should Undergo a Policy Review After Renovating Your RV

When you redo the interior or exterior of your motorhome, you might think about taking photos for House Beautiful or RV Monthly. Still, you probably don’t consider showing off your hard work to your insurance agent at Alliance Insurance Services. You should because your changes make your rolling home parked in Arvada, CO, worth more money.

Adding Value Means Updating Coverage

When you add to your RV, such as a solar panel system, or update the kitchen appliances, you increase the value of your motorhome. This means you also need a policy review to update your RV insurance. You might consider the updates minor or cosmetic, but the new flooring in your RV or the re-upholstered dining area increases the value of your vehicle.

When you purchased your RV policy, you provided the value of the motorhome and a few photos. When things change, especially for the better, you need to update your coverage.

Let’s say you insured your RV for $75,000. You redid the interior, then added a 2000-watt solar panel system, so you can park anywhere and still have power. You added more than $20,000 of value to your RV, which is not covered until you update your insurance policy.

If an accident occurred, your policy would pay you the policy limit maximum of $75,000 for it. You would lose the $20,000 you sunk into the improvements. Your replacement RV would need the same upgrades to serve you like the damaged one did. You would need to spend the money all over again.

Schedule Your Policy Review Today

Don’t let this happen to you! Contact the friendly insurance agents serving Arvada, CO at Alliance Insurance Services. Undergo a policy review with us and update your policy limits and photos.

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