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How Tire Maintenance Affects Your Driving

Staying safe on the road is a combination of many things. Even your tire maintenance can affect how safe your vehicle is. We care about your safety at Alliance Insurance Services, serving Arvada, CO. Keep reading to learn more about tire maintenance and vehicle safety. 

How Do Tires Affect Safety?

Because your tires are your main contact point between the car and the road, the maintenance of the tires is vital. When tires are not in good working order, it can put you and other drivers at risk. 

If you continue to drive on tires in poor condition or need to be replaced, you are at increased risk for a blowout. A tire blowout can be a very hazardous situation as it usually results in the driver losing control of the vehicle. 

  • When the tires are slick, it makes for unsafe driving in rain, snow, or ice. 
  • Overinflated tires can also put your vehicle at risk for a blowout. 

What Are Steps to Keep My Tires In Good Shape?

If you want to keep your tires in good shape, follow these tips. 

  • Replace worn-out tires regularly.
  • Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines concerning PSI when inflating your tires.
  • Do not drive on damaged tires.

Other Car Maintenance Tips for Safety 

In addition to keeping your tires in good shape, other maintenance steps can also affect a car’s safety. 

  • Always keep windshield wipers in good working order.
  • Do not drive on empty.
  • Do not ignore repair issues that will affect the vehicle’s safe operation.

If you want to learn about our insurance services, please get in touch with us at Alliance Insurance Services, serving Arvada, CO, and the surrounding areas. We will be happy to assist you today with your insurance needs. 

After the Fire: What to Do Next

Experiencing a house fire is traumatic in Arvada, CO. Alliance Insurance Services explains what to do next if your home or business has been affected by a fire. We will examine insurance claims and how Alliance Insurance Services can help you through this difficult time.

Filing an Insurance Claim

Contact us as soon as you are safe. We’ll go over your policy with you and explain the next steps. Being overwhelmed is normal, but our insurance team will walk you through the process. Depending on the severity of the damage, it may be important for an adjuster from your insurance company to come to inspect the property in person. You should get several estimates for repairs before submitting a claim form, and always keep copies of any paperwork submitted to your insurer.

Inventory List

Documentation is critical after experiencing a fire loss. Creating an inventory list of damaged items and taking photographs are recommended when filing a claim with your insurance company. Make sure that all photos taken are clear and legible. This will help establish proof-of-loss during the claims process for you to receive fair compensation for damages sustained due to fire damage on your property.

We are here to help

Navigating the aftermath of a house fire can be overwhelming, and it’s important to have support throughout the entire process from the start until the finish. Filing an insurance claim properly with all necessary documentation can help ensure that you receive fair compensation for damages sustained due to fire damage on your property – so don’t hesitate to reach out if needed! Contact Alliance Insurance Services today for more information about filing claims after fires in Arvada, CO – our dedicated team is here, ready and waiting just for you!

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Alliance Insurance Services founded in 1992 has a long standing relationship with both customers and community. Since our start, Alliance Insurance Services has been headquartered at 5440 Ward Rd. in Arvada, Colorado. We also have locations throughout Metro Denver as well as Northern Colorado. Alliance Insurance Services is a proud long time supporter of the Children's Miracle Network, the Better Business Bureau, and the Professional Independent Insurance Agents of Colorado.

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