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Life insurance: 4 Benefits of buying a policy for your parents in Arvada, CO

Alliance Insurance Services knows that life insurance isn’t just for you. It protects your entire family.

That’s why it’s important to consider purchasing a life insurance plan for your parents. With consent from a parent, these policies can help eliminate some of the worry and stress that comes from supporting an aging parent. It can minimize some of the financial burdens too.

Serving Arvada, CO, Alliance Insurance Services shares four advantages of purchasing a life insurance policy for a parent.

Cover medical expenses

Sadly, the remaining years of an elderly parent’s life can be expensive. Even worse, it’s often unavoidable. Ongoing medical bills are the main culprit. Life insurance can help pay for any of these lingering costs.

Shield against financial loss

Other bills can also pile up quickly. Existing loans, mortgages, or credit card payments can be equally crippling. Just like with medical expenses, these policies will cover any outstanding debts that have been left behind.

Pay for final arrangements

The burden of a funeral also typically falls on the child of the deceased. A well-crafted life insurance plan can set aside enough money to execute a parent’s desired end-of-life wishes. Some plans, like burial insurance, are created specifically to pay for these services.

Support a surviving parent

Losing one parent is tough enough. Caring for a surviving parent can be just as difficult. This is especially true if they can no longer live alone. Downsizing, moving, or relocating to a full-time care facility are all costly decisions. Life insurance can help usher in a smoother transition.

Ask Alliance Insurance Services 

The agency wants to ensure you and your family are protected. Serving Arvada, CO, the agency can create a personalized life insurance policy for qualifying parents. Schedule an appointment today.

FAQs About Renewing Auto Insurance

Usually, auto insurance policies offer coverage for a set period of time, such as one year. Whether you are a new driver or new to having your own auto insurance policy, you may be a little anxious about renewing your policy since you’ve never done it before. Luckily, the professionals at Alliance Insurance Services can help Arvada, CO auto owners prepare for this time.

When Does Your Car Insurance Need to Be Renewed?

When the time comes to renew your policy, your insurance company usually sends out a notice roughly 30 days before the date of renewal. However, it is always a good idea to keep note of when your policy is set to expire so you can reach out to your insurer, if necessary, about renewing it. Alternatively, you can set up automatic renewal so you never have to worry about it.

What Does the Renewal Process Consist Of?

As a general rule, your auto insurance policy will probably renew without you needing to do a thing. If this happens, you will receive a notice in the mail that outlines any restrictions and changes to your policy that will take effect on the renewal date, which will also be listed on the notice. If your insurer doesn’t permit automatic car insurance renewals, work with them to ensure you are getting the best possible insurance rates at the time. 

Whether you want to continue carrying auto insurance with your current carrier, or you would like to shop around for the best rates, reach out to us at Alliance Insurance Services. We have been helping auto owners in Arvada, CO and surrounding areas for 30 years and can help ensure you have the most appropriate coverage for your situation.

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Company Overview

Alliance Insurance Services founded in 1992 has a long standing relationship with both customers and community. Since our start, Alliance Insurance Services has been headquartered at 5440 Ward Rd. in Arvada, Colorado. We also have locations throughout Metro Denver as well as Northern Colorado. Alliance Insurance Services is a proud long time supporter of the Children's Miracle Network, the Better Business Bureau, and the Professional Independent Insurance Agents of Colorado.

Mission Statement

Alliance Insurance Services is dedicated to a lasting relationship with our clients and community through superior service and value. We provide security with quality products and innovative technology. Our team has created an environment that instills trust with those we come in contact with.


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