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5 Reasons You Need Commercial Insurance For Your Business

Commercial insurance is vital for the protection of your business. A variety of things could take your business from booming to bankrupt and you want to be prepared. There are at least five reasons you need commercial insurance for your business.

1. Personal Injuries (Public)

When someone gets hurt on your business property, or while you’re conducting business, you could be accountable. Commercial liability insurance protects against these types of even. It also protects your business against property damage claims.

2. Property Damage (Business)

Property damage could force you out of business. Commercial property insurance protects your business from losses incurred from various types of damage. Some types of property insurance name specific events while other types of property insurance cover all events.

3. Employee Injuries

Worker’s compensation is mandatory for all businesses with one or more full-time or part-time employees in the state of Colorado. If an employee sustains an injury while performing work duties on or off of the premises, without the proper coverage, your business could be in jeopardy.

4. Vehicle Accidents

In Colorado, any vehicle used to conduct company business must carry the proper insurance. Without commercial auto insurance, your business could be at risk if you or an employee are involved in an auto accident, or your vehicle causes damage to property during business use.

5. Professional Reputation

Some professions are riskier than others and require professional insurance. This insurance protects the business owners from litigation due to inadequate performance of duties or causing injury or loss while performing work. Doctors, lawyers, and private investigators are a few examples of these types of professions.

Alliance Insurance Services can help protect your business with commercial insurance. For more information, call our office or stop by today.

Safety Tips for Your Teen Drivers

When your teenager begins driving it can be both an exciting and stressful time for families. So how do you keep your teen driver safe? At Alliance Insurance Services of Fort Collins, CO, we encourage communication with your teens on safe driving. Here are some tips to protect your teens while driving:

#1: Do Not Use Cell Phones

Not only is cell phone usage dangerous while driving, it is against the law for drivers who have less than 12 months’ experience to talk or text while driving. Multiple studies have shown how distracting talking or texting can be while driving. And for the novice driver, this is even more dangerous. 

#2: Obey the Speed Limit Signs 

Unfortunately, speeding is a major cause of teen fatalities. It increases the stopping distance and decreases the time needed for teens to avoid a collision. Even if teens are only going 10 miles over the speed limit, this can nearly double the collision energy, which means they are more likely to crash. 

#3: Minimize Driving Distractions

Inexperienced drivers are less likely to notice potential dangers on the road.  And if they do, often it is too late. This is why it is so important to maintain focus while driving. Eating, drinking, and changing the radio station are all potential distractions that put your teen at risk.

Talk to your teens about driving safety and have a list of rules. Also, remember to set a good example and model the rules you set.  Following driving safety rules not only reduces the risk of accidents, it results in a good driving record.  And we all know this can help reduce insurance costs. For more information on automobile insurance for your teen driver, contact Allegiance Insurance Agency of Fort Collins, CO. 

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