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The Heat Affects Pets Too

Living in Arvada can be a lot of fun. There are gorgeous homes and much to do around the area. However, when the summer strikes, the heat can become overwhelming. Just as you get hot and dehydrated, the heat can have a negative impact on pets, too. There are various things that you can do to ensure that you are looking out for their best interests.

You never want to leave your pet in a hot car. If you go into a store, even for a short period of time, crack a window or leave someone in the car with the engine running. Dogs pant and the warm breath can stay inside the vehicle, creating an oven of sorts.

Always make sure that you choose the best times to exercise your dog. Don’t bring your pets out during the hottest part of the day. Choose the morning or evening for exercising, and even then allow for some breaks in the shade.

Keep water available for pets, whether it is in a dish or in a special dispenser. Hydration is critical, and you can include wet food into the dry food during feeding times so that you can incorporate even higher levels of hydration.

The heat can affect your dog’s feet, too. The paws are sensitive and if they are walking around on hot concrete, it is going to be uncomfortable. You don’t want to walk around on bare concrete when it’s hot outside and neither do your pets. There are various booties and other forms of protection that can be placed onto your pet’s feet before going outside.

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Unique Tips for Being a Better Teen Driver

Are you looking for ways to make your teen a better driver? You should be. Statistics show that the leading cause of death for teenagers is death by vehicular accident. This means you should be devoting a large portion of your time to practicing driving with your teen. You should also make sure that your teen is completing a wide range of educational courses driving. Fortunately, there are many free driving courses offered online that your child can complete from the comfort of home. Here’s a quick look at a few tips your teen driver should follow. 

Avoid blind spots

When it comes to driving on the interstate, it’s easy to get caught in blind spots, meaning a spot where other drivers can’t see you. This is why you should stress to your teen to stay out of blind spots as well as to avoid having them as much as possible. The best way to avoid blind spots is to stay in the right lane. 

Wear sunglasses

When the sun is shining brightly, it can lead to blinding glares. Fortunately, by pulling down the sun visor or throwing on a pair of sunglasses, it becomes possible to reduce this glare, thus making it much safer for your teen to see clearly when driving in the sun. 

Drive sensibly

If your teen is driving at a speed of 55 mph and then speeds up to 70 only to go back down to 55, this makes it difficult for other drivers to predict how your teen is driving, which causes much chaos on the road. Because of this, you should tell your teen to maintain a constant speed when driving. 

Spend some time with your teen on the road, and then contact Alliance Insurance Services to learn more about safe teen driving. 

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