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What are the different limits offered on an umbrella policy in Fort Collins, CO?

When shopping for umbrella policies, you will find that there are many options. Virtually every national insurance company offers umbrella insurance to residents of Fort Collins, Colorado, as well as a number of regional and local insurance companies. To find the best umbrella policy at the lowest cost, you will want to contact our local independent agents at Alliance Insurance Services who can shop and compare all of the policies offered for you.

Limits on Umbrella Insurance

In general, umbrella insurance policies start at $1 million worth of coverage. Sometimes people are surprised at how high these policies are, in part because they do not have $1 million worth of assets. The $1 million mark can quickly be reached, though, in a bad accident. It is better to be covered than not, and anyone looking for an umbrella policy wants to make sure they have enough insurance.

After the initial $1 million, policies generally increase in $500,000 increments. Thus, policies are generally for $1 million, $1.5 million, $2 million, etc. There will be some exceptions to these, but these are the general limits. To see what limit is most appropriate for your situation, talk with our local insurance agents.

Finding an Umbrella Policy

If you need umbrella insurance, contact our team at Alliance Insurance Services. As an independent agency that focuses on serving Fort Collins and the surrounding area, we would be glad to help you compare the different umbrella policies available to you, with their limits and other details. We will help you find the best policy, regardless of which insurance company offers it, at the best price.

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Will I have to qualify before I can purchase health insurance for my small business in Arvada, CO?

It’s helpful that we have information about your location in Arvada, Colorado because every state has different health insurance rules and regulations. Not every health insurance company provides health and dental coverage in every state.

For the most part, employers typically pick up the costs for least half of each employee’s premium coverage. Some business organizations also contribute to premiums for employee family members. The balance of the premium/premiums are paid for by the employee. You can also elect to include covered dental insurance, or offer it as a self pay option. The fee is usually quite modest.

Health insurance plans are available at group rates and this is an advantage offering reduced rates and helping to protect the health and wellness of employees. It’s also helpful when you are looking to hire new employees. A number of group health plans also offer a modest life insurance policy. Additionally, the amount you pay toward employee premiums based on your plan may qualify as a business tax-deductible.

Purchase the small business health insurance coverage you need

Don’t leave yourself in a position where you don’t have health insurance, or the level of health insurance coverage you need. It’s not worth the risk. Instead, contact Alliance Insurance Services to find out what health insurance options you have available in Arvada, Fort Collins or the metro area to ensure your employees are covered.

That being said, you may have questions, or concerns about rates and plans from multiple carriers that aren’t clear. We encourage you to contact us for advice and recommendations based on your business structure. Your local independent agent can be of tremendous help so that all of your questions are answered.

I don’t live near water, do I need flood insurance in Fort Collins, CO?

Before any decision is made about flood insurance, we need to examine your exact location in Fort Collins, Colorado. This location should be compared to flood zones since Fort Collin Utilities participates in the National Flood Insurance Fund.

Flood insurance

If you live near, or in close proximity to the sea, a river, or low-lying ground water recognize that these are not the only considerations for flooding. You need to assess your flood risk. Conditions to be aware of include flooding from underground streams, surface flooding when rain is not absorbed, shallow flooding, overflowing or inadequate sewers, and internal flooding from broken pipes.

In condos, co-ops, or rentals, it’s possible to end up with damage due to floods that may happen with neighbors. This type of insurance not only helps to cover damage done in your own apartment, but It can also cover damages that your accident, or your neighbor’s accident may have caused.

Don’t find yourself in a position without the level of homeowners insurance coverage you need. Instead, easily compare quotes online with Alliance Insurance Services to find out what options you have available to ensure your home and your family stay safe and secure.

At Alliance Insurance Services, we know that if it’s determined that a property is at risk for flooding, then insurance companies may decline coverage, or charge higher premiums, excesses, or stricter requirements.

You don’t want to find yourself in this position. Flood risk can be determined by searches, raising esquires of the seller if you are in the process of buying, or by a survey.

As your independent agent in our Fort Collins community, we’re here to help you sort through the issues. Please contact us so we can provide you with the help you need.

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Can a non-resident foreigner get Auto Insurance from a US company to cover rental cars in Arvada, CO?

When renting a car in Arvada, CO from outside the United States, it is important to ensure that you are properly insured. A rental car is one of the most convenient ways to see the beauty of Colorado and the surrounding states, but being uninsured or underinsured could turn your dream trip into a nightmare. There are several ways to secure insurance for your time in the United States.

You May Already Have Insurance Coverage

It is unlikely that your own auto insurance policy will cover you while driving in the United States, but it is worth checking with your auto insurance company. If you are covered, then this certainly is the most affordable option.

Similarly, your credit card may provide some insurance coverage for rental cars. If it does, you will need to pay for the rental using that credit card. Otherwise, your rental will not be insured by your credit card company.

You May Need to Purchase Insurance Coverage

Most non-resident foreigners, though, find that they need to purchase insurance coverage when renting a car. They either do not have insurance or the coverage they already have is limited. If you are in this situation, then purchasing insurance from the rental car company is an option. It is an expensive option, however. You can often save a lot by planning ahead and purchasing rental car insurance before you are at the rental counter.

At Alliance Insurance Services insurance we are able to help you, even if you are a non-resident foreigner. Most people think of us as a local, independent agent for people who live in Arvada. We also can provide people like you, who are visiting Colorado, with rental car insurance. Call us today for help determining which coverage you will need while in the States.

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