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What Property and Perils are Excluded from Most Homeowner Policies in Fort Collins, CO?

Buying a homeowner policy for your property in Fort Collins, Colorado can seem complicated. Certain perils may be excluded from the basic home insurance policy, so you may need to add additional protection to keep your property safe. Although every insurer is different and the details of your Alliance Insurance Services insurance policy may vary, certain perils are commonly excluded.


Flood damage is rarely available in a basic homeowner policy. Although some insurers may offer protection against certain situations, flooding from rainfall, a rising river or any other natural risk factor may not be covered.

Although flooding from nature is not covered, a burst pipe may still be covered as long as you maintained the property according to the guidelines in your policy. A burst pipe is related to the house, not the weather.

Earthquakes and Tornados

It is not common for insurers to provide coverage for damage related to earthquakes and tornados. Even though you may have a low risk of facing either situation, it is a peril that is rarely covered in a basic policy.

Terrorist Attacks

If your house is damaged by a terrorist attack, then it is not likely to be covered under your basic policy. Many insurers will not protect against terrorist attacks, nuclear explosions or similar situations.

Although an attack from terrorists may not be covered, vandalism and break-ins are usually part of a basic policy. If your home is damaged from graffiti or similar acts of vandalism, then your insurer will usually offer some protection.

Every insurance policy is different, so it can be hard to determine what is covered and what is not. When you are not sure about the details of your plan, contact us to talk to an independent agent to learn more about your options.

Do I Need to Alert my Auto Insurance Agent When I Move From Fort Collins, CO to Another State?

Living in Fort Collins, Colorado will allow you to obtain coverage that is appropriate for the state laws and the requirements of the state. Other state laws may differ from the requirements found in Colorado, so it may be necessary to make changes to your policy when you move. Due to the fact that laws can differ, you must alert your auto insurance agent before you move so that you can make appropriate changes to your current plan.

Talking to Your Agent

Before you assume that your current agent can handle the changes that you need, inform the individual about your plans and ask a few questions. An independent agent may or may not provide plans in different states. Depending on where you plan to move, a professional may or may not be able to help you obtain an appropriate policy.

Finding the Right Plan

If the individual can help, then the final part of covering your vehicle in the state where you plan to move is obtaining an appropriate policy. You can look at a variety of Alliance Insurance Services insurance policies to find a plan that is appropriate for your concerns, your vehicle and the state laws where you plan to move. Depending on the policy that you select, the details of the plan can vary slightly.

The right plan for your goals and the location where you plan to move will depend on a variety of factors. In some cases, you will discover that your current coverage is not enough for the new state laws. In other situations, you may be able to keep the same policy because the requirements are similar. Contact us to talk to an independent agent to learn more about your options.

Does my business property policy in Arvada, CO, cover damage caused by natural disasters such as hurricanes and tornados?

Whether its Arvada, Fort Collins, or any other location in Colorado or the US, each state is different when it comes to commercial insurance requirements and laws. One consistent requirement, though, is they all require automobile insurance coverage.

The best approach is for you to review your existing commercial insurance policies so you understand your coverage and exemptions. Then work with your Alliance Insurance Services agent to discuss options for additional coverage that will provide even more protection in the event that natural disasters strike.

We Make it Easy Online

Our site is structured so that it’s easy to find the best coverage in minutes for your budget by comparing commercial and property insurance quotes with Alliance Insurance Services online.

We’re Only a Phone Call Away

You might even feel more comfortable discussing things over the phone. As your independent agent we can help to protect you and your business with the most efficient and cost-effective commercial property coverage including the possible need for flood, hurricanes, and tornado coverage. You may or may not be in a flood zone, and that’s something we would have to check on. Please contact us to speak with our Arvada Colorado community Alliance Insurance Services insurance agent.

Be Prepared

Set up a file with a record of all of your business equipment and assets for full compensation if any items that might be caused by accident damage. It’s important to keep receipts because most standard commercial business policies also offer reimbursement for all out-of-pocket expenses.

Take Photos

Be prepared to be able to provide your insurance company with a detailed description and photographs of all the damage sustained to you business property. This evidence combined with the receipts is very helpful.


How will RV insurance help if my recreational vehicle becomes uninhabitable or inoperable in Arvada, CO?

Living in Arvada, Colorado offers many opportunities to enjoy the outdoors in your recreational vehicle. But if your vehicle is a bit older or gets involved in a serious accident, you might be left stranded with an uninhabitable or inoperable vehicle. Fortunately, the right RV insurance policy can help you move your vehicle to a safe location while you are waiting for service.

What You Can Do If Your RV Becomes Uninhabitable or Inoperable

There are many reasons your RV can become uninhabitable or inoperable. A fire or flooding could damage the interior of your RV, making it unlivable. Or your RV could break down in the wilderness or sustain an accident that puts it out of operation. Regardless of the cause, it is important to obtain insurance that will come to your aid when you can’t operate your vehicle.

Many RV insurance policies offer towing services so that you don’t have to abandon your RV in times of emergency. Policies can also cover hotel costs and other living expenses while you are waiting for a qualified service technician to look at your RV. However, the level of coverage that you receive depends greatly on the type of policy you obtain for your RV.

How an Independent Agent Can Help

Whether your RV is older or brand new, it is important to anticipate emergencies. An independent agent can help you run down the checklist of things that could go wrong and help you find an insurance plan that will protect you from these scenarios.

When you compare quotes with Alliance Insurance Services, you can find the best deal on a comprehensive plan that will meet your emergency expenses. When you contact us today, an independent agent will help you make the comparisons so that you can find the best quotes for RV insurance.

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