Will Commercial Insurance Cover Employees Insured Off-Site?

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What type of commercial insurance policies you need for your Arvada, CO business will depend upon what kind of business you operate, where you operate it, and the scope of your client-facing operations. When you work with a talented insurance agent like those at our Evertree Mountain States office, you will be recommended policies specifically designed to protect your business from common types of financial losses you risk by simply being in a company. One of those types of financial losses occurs when an employee is injured.

Understanding How & Where Commercial Insurance Covers Employee Injuries

Worker’s Compensation Insurance is a valuable type of insurance policy that, in exchange for monthly premiums, offers ample financial and medical benefits for employees who are injured or become ill when working for you. For example, let’s say you operate a boutique bridal store in Arvada, CO, and an employee trips and falls while walking down the stairs to bring a customer more dress options. Because they become injured at your location while doing business tasks, your company’s worker’s compensation insurance will kick in and offer medical reimbursements and lost wages to supplement their finances as they recover. 

But did you know your employee doesn’t have to be on-site to be eligible for worker’s compensation benefits? So long as your employee becomes injured or ill while on the clock or otherwise completing business tasks for your company, they will be covered by most commercial insurance policies with worker’s compensation provisions. For example, if your Arvada, CO bridal employee is delivering a wedding dress to the bride at her rehearsal dinner and is injured in a trip-and-fall accident at that location, then your commercial insurance policy will still cover them. 

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