Five Questions to Ask Before Buying RV Insurance

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Are you planning to go on a road trip? One way to ensure you get the most out of your next trip is to get sufficient RV insurance for your motorhome. RV insurance will cover you from liability claims related to your RV and the cost of any damages to your vehicle. In other words, it will cater to the vehicle’s motorhome and vehicular aspects. Here are five questions to ask your potential insurers when looking for the right RV insurance policy.

1. What Type of RV Coverage is Best For Me-Actual Cash Value or Replacement Cost?

The actual cash value coverage reimburses you for the value of your motorhome minus depreciation at the time of damage or loss. In other words, the insurer pays you the current value of your motor home. On the other hand, replacement cost coverage pays you to replace the damaged RV with a new one of similar form and quality. 

If you need help choosing between the two, contact insurance experts in Arvada, CO, at Evertree Mountain States to help you.

2. Can I Get Assistance If My RV Breaks While On The Way?

Your vehicle can break down along the way due to fuel, punctures, or other problems. Asking the above question will help you judge whether your insurer can provide 24/7 coverage and if they have the right equipment and replacement parts to help with your trailer or RV. 

3. How Can I Lower The RV Insurance Premiums?

You can lower the insurance premiums by bundling policies, taking accident prevention courses, and installing anti-theft devices in your RV. Our insurance agents in Arvada, CO, at Evertree Mountain States, will advise you on the best strategies to reduce premiums.

4. Are My Possessions Inside The RV Covered?

If you usually pack your cooking, sports, camping, and other traveling accessories, it would be wise to ask whether they are part of the contract. Your insurer should allow you to buy more coverage to protect your items if they aren’t.

5. For What Period Is My RV Insurance Valid?

Some RV insurance providers offer limited RV coverage, while others provide full-time coverage. As such, asking about the validity period will help you know the number of days that your RV policy allows you to use your vehicle per year. 

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