Required Commercial Insurance in Colorado

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In Colorado, two types of commercial insurance are required for many businesses. If you own a business in this state, it’s best to know whether your business requires them. Getting the commercial insurance you need is vital for staying compliant with the law and protecting your business. Call Evertree Mountain States in Arvada, CO to get your commercial coverage.

Worker’s Compensation

If your Colorado business has any number of employees, even just one, you must have coverage for workers’ compensation. In this state, the government considers anyone who does work for you to be your employee. Workers’ comp insurance covers the medical bills for any employee who gets injured on the job or sick with a work-related illness. This insurance is smart because it protects your business against paying expensive medical bills that could be a hardship for your company. Always ensure you have this coverage. 

Commercial Auto 

Commercial auto insurance is required for all Colorado businesses that own a vehicle of any type. If your business owns one or more vehicles, you need this coverage so that an accident will be paid for by the policy instead of your business. Two types of coverage are required within these policies, and both are types of liability coverage. One is for bodily injury, and the other is for property damage. This pays for other people’s damages if your vehicle were to cause an accident. 

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