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As a business owner in Colorado, it’s vital to ensure you have the right commercial insurance coverage to protect your business.

Commercial Auto Insurance

You’ll need commercial auto insurance if you use any vehicle for business purposes. This type of insurance will cover damage to your car and any injuries that may occur while you or your employees drive for business purposes. Whether you have a fleet of vehicles or just one company car, talk to your insurance agent about getting the right coverage for your business.

Evertree Mountain States can help you find the right commercial auto insurance policy to protect your business.

Business Interruption Coverage

No matter how well you plan, there may be times when your Arvada, CO business has to close its doors due to an unforeseen event. If this happens, you could lose a lot of money in lost revenue. That’s where business interruption coverage comes in. This coverage will help reimburse you for lost income and expenses incurred while your business is closed due to a covered event. Be sure to talk to your agent about what events are covered under this policy.

Commercial Property Insurance

You’ll need commercial property insurance if you own the building where your business is. This type of policy will cover the cost of repairs or replacement if your building is damaged by a covered event such as fire, wind, or theft. It’s important to note that this policy will not cover damage caused by flooding or earthquakes. If you live in an area where these events occur, you’ll need to purchase a separate policy to cover these risks.

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