What Happens if My Bike Is Damaged while In Storage?

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The agents of Evertree Mountain States are able to offer accurate and reliable insurance information to their clients to help them protect their property from financial loss. If you live in the Arvada, CO area or the neighboring communities, you can get the answers you need concerning ensuring your motorcycle all year long, even during the months it’s placed in storage due to the changing of the seasons.

Storage Insurance

When you winterize your bike and put it in storage, it means it won’t be on the road for at least three or four months. Many bike owners continue to carry their motorcycle insurance in case of any damage that may occur while the bike is stored. Some insurance companies offer their customers a reduced rate during this time because there is no public liability or risk of property damage to another person’s property.

What You Should Do

Your bike can be damaged during storage, especially if it is stored at a public facility with other types of vehicles. It can fall over or have something fall on it, damaging the paint, breaking mirrors, or doing many other types of damage. If this occurs, your first step is to file a police report and then file a claim with your insurance agent. The facility where you store your bike should carry some type of liability insurance. If they don’t, your policy will be the one that must pay for the damage.

In Arvada, CO, you can turn to the agents of Evertree Mountain States for all of your insurance need. Whether you are putting your motorcycle in storage or taking off on a cross-country vacation, they have the answers you need. Call and schedule an insurance review today!

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