How to Complete a Home Inventory Checklist

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Did you know that over half of all Americans don’t have an inventory of the contents in their homes? Chances are, you’re probably among them. Creating an inventory is easier than it seems, and it will greatly help you if you have to file a claim on your home insurance in Fort Collins CO. Our team at Evertree Mountain States will show you how. 

1. Start in stages.

It’s easy to get overwhelmed by your stuff if you’ve lived in your home a long time. But even if you don’t get all of it, a record of some items is better than none at all. Begin documenting your electronics, art, jewelry, and other valuables, working from higher to lower in price until you are satisfied.

2. Use technology to your advantage.

A computer spreadsheet is very helpful when documenting your inventory. Taking a video tour of the contents in your home is very effective, as well as pictures of each item. And don’t forget to save receipts! Scanning them into your computer is a simple way to have them all in one place.

3. Don’t store your records in your home!

You’ll want to store your inventory records outside your home if it ever gets damaged. Otherwise, what’s the point? A safe deposit box or the home of a friend you trust is ideal. Continue to update the inventory as you make additional purchases while it’s fresh on your mind.

For more ideas on creating an inventory for your home insurance in Fort Collins CO, contact us at Evertree Mountain States anytime. Our team of experienced professionals is more than happy to answer all of your questions about home insurance and more. Stay tuned for the latest insurance news and updates from us!

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