Fix Up Your Shed: Protect Your Home from Theft

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It’s the one part of your home that sits in the back corner of the property, perhaps with the door cracked open and a broken pane in the window. A dilapidated shed can pose an open invitation to vandals and thieves.  If the shed sits unsecured, does that mean the house is equally open for the picking?

It’s time to take some simple steps to discourage unsavory characters from even considering your shed as a stepping stone to further destruction and mayhem.

Install a Padlock

If your shed is visibly locked, somebody casing the neighborhood will assume that the house is equally well secured.  It doesn’t need to be the kind of lock that would secure a bank. Something simple that can be found at the hardware store for a couple bucks will do the trick. However, don’t forget to snap it shut each time you close up the shed.

Fix the Window

No insulated pane with an R-factor of 80 is needed here.  Maintaining the property outside means you do it inside as well. Your local hardware store can have a pane of glass cut to size and installed for you. The $50 fix could stop a thief from running off with thousands in stolen property.

Straighten the Siding

A neat and tidy yard means neat, tidy and secure home. An hour of work and a couple nails will resecure the piece of siding. Keeping the shed updated also helps to maintain property value in the area.  Your neighbors will thank you.

Need more tips to protect your home and help keep your rates low? Evertree Mountain States would be glad to share more ideas on making your home safe and secure.

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