Which is Better – Premium or Regular Gas?

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When you go to the gas station, do you have any idea of what you might be getting when you decide between regular and premium gas?  Which one is best for your vehicle?  Is premium worth the added cost?  Let’s find out.

  • If your vehicle doesn’t recommend premium, then you don’t need it.  Yes, some vehicles will specify premium gas.  The engineers at the auto manufacturer will sometimes prescribe the premium gas because of the fact that there are engines that will work more efficiently with fuel that has a higher octane.  
  • If the owner’s manual for your vehicle does recommend premium gas, there is a reason for it.  Vehicles that need premium gas have engines that are the high compression type or turbo chargers or some other type of high performance aspect.  While not choosing the premium gas will not hurt the engine, you won’t be getting the most in terms of performance when you choose to go with regular gas.
  • Filling your car with premium gas might actually save you when it comes to maintenance costs in the future.  Your vehicle can actually get a build – up of plaque from deposits left by the gas.  While it is true that most of the gas today has detergent type additives in it to keep valves and fuel injectors clean, filling up with premium gas offers more reassurance. 
  • Take your car’s age and weight into consideration when you are making your decision.  If your vehicle is heavier and older and has a high performance engine and you are hearing knocking sounds from the engine, try a tank or two of premium to see if the knocking subsides.

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