Commercial Insurance: How to Save a Business When It’s Interrupted By Fire, Theft, and Unforeseen Circumstances

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The daily operation of a business can generate a revenue stream for the owner, offer a reliable source of service or goods to customers and clients, pay or help pay the operational costs of it, and market the availability of the product or service to the public. It can be crucial to a business to continue with an undisturbed function of its core intention to be able to cover and meet these interrelated aspects. If the operation is not open, then business stops, and there’s a domino effect. This impact begins with the loss of customer traffic, the collapse of a revenue stream, lack of funds to pay for operational costs, leading to mounting operational costs with unused or damaged inventory, unintended negative publicity to the public via a closed business, which finally can lead to the death of an enterprise.

Common causes that interrupt the operation of a business include fire by intentional or unintentional circumstances, such as the malfunction of a piece of equipment that catches fire, spreading destruction to the property. Theft by internal employees or external non-employees, for example, the stealing of business money and products. Unforeseen circumstances via civil disturbance, including riots; and extraordinary weather conditions, such as gale force winds.  

A business can be saved when interrupted by fire, theft, and unplanned situations. Consider some of the following options as a safety net when the operation of a business is disturbed:

  • Have a separate savings account or money source for a business as an emergency fund.
  • Prepare a back-up source for quick replacement, rental, and repair of capital equipment that is vital to your business operation.
  • Create a list of resources for quick replacement of damaged or lost inventory and goods crucial to business function.
  • Design a list of temporary employment agencies that provides workers that can service the business if necessary.
  • Plan temporary or resources for temporary relocation facilities for business and inventory housing with marketing avenues to provide public awareness.

By being prepared, a business can be saved and continue to thrive whether it’s resources for a temporary location or the replacement of primary operational equipment. Along with planned resources, Evertree Mountain States, serving Fort Collins, CO, is here to put in protections to help salvage an enterprise. You can add them to this list of ways to prepare to recover your business in the case of fire, theft, and unplanned circumstances.



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