Three Tips to Beat Fender Bender Fraud

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Automobile collisions are stressful, frustrating and at worst, dangerous. If you find yourself in a fender bender where damage appears minimal and everyone seems ok, you might be tempted to move on with your day. Unfortunately, fender bender fraud is an increasingly prevalent problem, so follow these three tips to protect yourself from falsified claims.

Involve the Police

Especially when accidents are very minor, you might want to avoid the time and pain of filing an official report. This is by far your most powerful tool in preventing fraud. Police reports will document the scope of the damage, identify the driver at fault and track reported injuries and the involvement of medical professionals. If things go to court, you want the police report to be on your side.

Take Pictures

Whether you involve the police or not, pictures provide the most compelling evidence in any case. You can show the scope of any damage to the car to prevent excessive damage claims. The pictures can also help dispute undue injury claims, as the extent of the injury should correlate to the damage done to the car.

Call Your Insurance Agent

Your insurance agent is the reliable expert on the topic. They can help you determine the best course of action after the collision and they are dedicated to protecting you, from getting you back on the road to battling insurance scams. Let them give you direct advice that is customized for your exact situation. The company can only help as much as you let them, so get them involved to fight on your behalf.

It can be easy to believe in people, especially when you make the unexpected bond of being in a collision together. Just remember, you don’t have to abandon trust or offend people to take these steps. Involving authorities and experts is standard procedure for any accident, so adhering to these procedures is in the best interest of everyone involved. Talk to a representative serving Fort Collins, CO to see how Alliance Insurance Services can protect you from fraud and other tough situations.

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