5 Small Business Risks You Can Avoid With Commercial Insurance

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Evertree Mountain States works directly with you to determine what risks your company faces and then helps you to customize insurance policies to meet those risks. What are the most common small business risks? Take a look at these and then talk to us about how commercial insurance may minimize the financial losses associated with these risks.

  1. Business interruption occurs when an incident, such as fire or severe damage, stops you from operating your business. Your commercial insurance policy may help to cover your loss of income during this time.
  2. Property loss occurs when an unexpected event, such as a fire or vandalism comes through, and is generally covered by your policy. Protect your inventory and equipment with this type of insurance as well.
  3. Workplace injuries can lead to costly losses due to medical costs, lost time and work, and long-term injuries. Workers compensation insurance can help cover these losses, minimizing the risk to your company.
  4. Security breaches are a growing threat in many businesses. Cyber insurance can help protect from these losses including data compromises that put your data or that of your customers’ at risk.
  5. Liability risks related to falls and product failures can also hurt a business financially. Commercial insurance often offers liability insurance that covers these particular risks.

At Evertree Mountain States, our team can help you to determine what your specific risks are and how to overcome them with comprehensive coverage. Customized plans are the most important step you can take as a small business owner to protect from unexpected and impossible to plan for losses. Contact our team today to discuss your specific needs and risks and let us help you to find the level of coverage right for your company.

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