Keeping Children and Pets Safe This Halloween

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Halloween is a fun time of year for many adults and children alike. However, it is important to take a few precautions before the big night. Here are a few tips and how to keep kids and pets safe while visiting your home this year.

Clear Your Yard of Hazards

Before even grabbing that bag of candy to hand out, it is important to clear your yard of visible hazards. Fill in and holes and make sure loose bricks are fixed to help prevent a child from accidentally falling. Make sure any low branches are trimmed up and that bushes are at a level where they won’t snag on costumes or clothing. And keep the area well-lit during the evening hours to help little ones see where they are going on the path up to your door.

Keep Pets Confined

Making sure your cat or dog is safe on Halloween night is also vital. Many animals dislike new visitors, which makes having a constant stream of trick-or-treaters tough and even unsafe. Decide before the holiday arrives where your safe place for your pet will be. Keep him or her confined to that space until all of your guests have left.

Decorate Smartly

When decorating for Halloween, it is very important that you remain smart about the process. Instead of using a candle to illuminate a carved pumpkin, consider a battery-operated light. If you’re adding whimsical faux cobwebs and other items to the front of your home, make sure they don’t pose a hazard to trick-or-treaters. And, most importantly, only use lights that are rated for outdoor use when putting together your display.

Another tip? Make sure your homeowner’s insurance coverage is current. By having children who aren’t members of your family coming onto your property, you run the risk of being liable if they are accidentally injured. Contact our team at Evertree Mountain States for a policy review or to receive a no-obligation quote.

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