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There are a lot of myths surrounding life insurance. When you live in Fort Collins, you want to make sure that you know as much about life insurance as possible in order to make educated decisions when purchasing a policy.

Many people have employer-provided life insurance. Many people also believe that this is the only policy that they need. The problem is that the employer may only provide you with one or two times your annual salary – and this will include commissions or bonuses. This may not be sufficient to cover everything you want it to. Think about how much money your family would actually need in order to survive. The award amount should cover burial expenses, living expenses, as well as some debt.

There is also the myth that life insurance is really expensive. It doesn’t have to be, especially when you work with independent insurance agents who can talk to you about term versus whole life policies and get quotes from different companies.

Another myth is that people should buy term life insurance and then invest the difference. Whole and universal life are associated with cash values and can end up being more affordable because you have life insurance coverage for your entire life.

People also talk about being too young to worry about purchasing any kind of life insurance. It is actually more affordable when you are younger because you’re less likely to have any kind of medical conditions.

At Evertree Mountain States, we’re here to help you find life insurance that you can count on. Call today and talk to one of our agents to learn about the options and get quotes on an affordable policy. Our goal is to help you find a policy and debunk some of the myths that are out there.



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