Home Insurance Basics

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Getting a money saving quote on your Arvada, CO home insurance can be relatively simple if you know the basics. You will need to have some simple information about your home to get an accurate quote. 

  • You will need your home’s actual street address.
  • A description of your home including what material it is constructed of, how many stories it has, and how many rooms there are.
  • The year your home was built.
  • The square footage of your home.
  • Safety and security features of your home including alarms systems, deadbolt locks, and flame retardant roofing materials.
  • Distance to the nearest fire station.
  • Distance to the nearest fire hydrant.

Your insurance agent can help you determine the type of coverage and limits that may be best for you. They can also let you know the impact a higher deductible may have on your rate.

Another basic you should know is that one of the best ways to save on your home insurance is by comparing. A good place to start is with an independent insurance agency like Evertree Mountain States. As an independent insurance agency, our agents can compare rates from multiple companies. This greatly increases your opportunities to save money without sacrificing coverage. If you have your basic information you can get a quote right online from our website. Once you submit your info, we will get to work finding you the coverage you deserve at a price you can appreciate.

Evertree Mountain States is pleased to serve the Arvada area, its homeowners and businesses with a complete line of insurance products. We pride ourselves in finding our clients excellent coverage at affordable rates. Once you have your basic information, contact us. Let’s see just how much money we can save you.


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