4 Reasons to Purchase a Business Owners Policy

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Owning your own business can be a rewarding experience. But how do you know you are fully covered against certain losses? This is where having the proper insurance coverage can help. Here are four reasons to purchase a business owners policy.

#1: Property Coverage
One important aspect to a business owners package policy is that it includes property damage coverage. This means that your building and any contents inside the building are covered, should you have a claim. Special conditions apply depending on what type of package you select, but the majority of business policies offer some sort of coverage for your company’s belongings.

#2: Limited Liability Coverage
The limited liability coverage portion of the business owners package policy is designed to help cover you legally should a client or visitor become injured at your location. While the exact terms of this vary, the majority of slip and fall cases are situations where a customer was harmed by a product your company created.

#3: Business Interruption Protection
Some business owners package policies even offer coverage against an interruption in your ability to operate your company. This means that if your location is destroyed by fire or some other named peril, the policy will pay for you to rent out an alternate location to conduct business.

#4: Technology Coverage Option
Most business owners policies also offer the opportunity to purchase an additional rider for technology coverage. This can help protect your business should a digital data problem occur, such as hacking or server malfunction. It is important to note that this additional coverage is generally optional.

There are several different business owner package policies to choose from. Speaking with your agent is often the best way to determine which one is right for your company.

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