Check Your Clear Coat Finish After a Hail Storm

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Arvada, Colorado sees several storms each year, and any one of them could damage your car’s clear coat. After a hail storm, especially, it’s important to check for damage. Here’s what to look for, along with what to do if you suspect your clear coat finish has sustained hail damage.

Looking for Hail Damage
Clear coat is an automotive paint without any pigment (although it may have some additives to protect the underlying paint from UV rays). Since it is the top-most layer of paint on a car, it may be damaged even if the underlying paint and body are unharmed. Of course, if there is damage to the other layers of paint or body damage, then the clear coat finish has also been damaged.

After a hail storm look for:

  • dents in your car’s body
  • scratches in the paint
  • white spots on top of the pain

Any of these may be signs that your car’s clear coat finish has been damaged. The first two signs also suggest that the underlying body or paint has been damaged, while white spots are evidence that hail broke through the clear-coat finish.

Filing a Claim
If you suspect there is hail damage, contact your car insurance company. All major insurers that serve Arvada have toll-free numbers, but at Evertree Mountain States we find many people prefer to initially call their independent insurance agent that helped them find their current policy. Our agents are always happy to help guide customers through the claims filing process. With a friend helping you, the process isn’t intimidating or confusing at all.

If you don’t currently have an insurance agent whom you could call after a hail storm, get in touch with us at Evertree Mountain States. Our independent agents are licensed throughout Colorado, and they’ll help you find an affordable car insurance policy that includes comprehensive coverage, which is type of insurance coverage that usually covers hail damage. After you have the most affordable policy, our agents will continue to help you if you ever need to file a claim.

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