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As the weather warms up in Arvada, CO, it’s time for drivers of antique cars to review their auto insurance policies for those vehicles. Collectible cars require a special type of insurance because they don’t depreciate as quickly as most automobiles. In fact, a well-maintained antique car may even increase in value. If you drive a collectible car, an agreed value classic car insurance policy lets you insure your vehicle for its full value.

Agreed Value Auto Insurance Policies
Unlike standard auto insurance policies, which cover the depreciated value of an automobile, classic car insurance policies are usually agreed value policies. They insure the vehicle for an amount that has been agreed upon by both the insurer and the driver. The policy’s premiums correspond to the agreed upon value of the car; a policy with a higher agreed value will have higher premiums than one with a lower agreed value.

With an agreed value policy, you’re able to determine how much your car should be insured for. In addition to considering its year, make, model, and condition you can also take into account any modifications you have made to it. You can find an agreed value policy for whatever amount you believe the car is worth, as long as you’re willing to pay the policy’s premiums.

Finding Great Rates on Classic Car Insurance
Because classic car insurance is more nuanced than most auto insurance policies, you’ll want to call an independent agency, like us at Evertree Mountain States, for help. One of our independent agents will be able to go over various classic car insurance policies with you and show you how the agreed-upon value affects the policies premiums. They’ll also present you with several policies from different companies offering insurance in Arvada, CO, and help you pick the one with the best rates. As you get ready for the summer driving season, call us to find great rates on agreed-value auto insurance.

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