How Does Getting Married Influence Car Insurance Rates?

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There are many things that need to be considered before you get married. From assessing any personality conflicts to looking at one another’s financial status, these things truly do matter. And while you might not want to dig too deep into your fiance’s personal business, it won’t hurt to ask him or her about past driving records. After all, once you get married, your spouse’s rates will affect yours.

Here’s a quick look at how getting married can affect your car insurance rates:

They might go up

If you marry someone who recently added two speeding tickets to his driving record, you can bet your bottom dollar that this is going to cause your rates to increase once you add him to your policy. In fact, depending on your insurance provider, you’ll likely see an increase of at least $10 a month per ticket.

They might go down

If your spouse has a spotless driving record, this might help your insurance to go down. If the two of you combine your policies under the same service provider, this will most definitely help you save money because you should qualify for a multiple policy discount.

You might get canceled

If worse comes to worse, you might lose your insurance policy. However, this usually only happens if your spouse was to get a DUI or some other type of similar traffic violation in the 80002 area. Then again, having too many accidents or tickets on his record could cause a cancelation of your policy too.

If you have further questions about how getting married will affect your insurance rates, make sure to speak with a highly qualified insurance agent today. We serve the Arvada, Colorado area, and we’re more than ready to meet all of your insurance needs.

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