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With love there comes a story. Loveland Colorado does not disrupt the idea. As the residents say together colorado. In the shadow of Rocky Mountain National Park, its clay deposits near the Big Thompson River was used to create the ceremonial pipes of Native Americans. Starting out as a Spanish colony started by the Medina family put it on the map. Today world class ski resorts attract tourists to explore the mountain but best of all is its Loveland Valentine Program. Since 1946 “The Sweetheart City” has re-mailed valentines with a cachet. Dedicated to romance, it does 160,000 hand stamped cards a year with volunteers to make the holiday special.


Walking around the streets and parking lot of Loveland Colorado you will see Benson Park Sculpture Garden. It combines art and walking. The local Loveland Museum explains the town’s significance and many wonders in a friendly manner. A big hit for shopping comes as the Promenade Shops at Centerra offer a variety of products.

Keeping Travels Happy

An active lifestyle in Loveland is a given but to keep it happy make sure you check out your local insurance agents. The cold wind and snows do blow in Colorado so automobile insurance is a must. As a local agent I can tell you where most accidents happen in our area, steer you to the best products, and give you the best coverage for the lowest price. With our special weather conditions policies need a keen eye toward compensation for ice, cold and snow. Besides I have a hot cup of coffee waiting for you on a cold winter’s day after a stroll in the park. I will catch you up on the latest insurance news pertinent to you. Stop by today.

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