Handling Plumbing and Water Damage Home Insurance Claims in Boulder, Colorado

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Boulder, Colorado is known for absolutely incredible views, a progressive attitude, a vibrant craft brewing scene, and a rapidly developing foodie scene that brings all the hot restaurants into town. The housing market is gearing up to become attractive over the short, medium, and long term, making it prime time to settle down with a new house.

If you already have your house and home insurance, you might wonder how you’re properly protected by this option. Water damage is one claim that’s always frustrating to handle, due to how many issues in the plumbing that may lead to leaks and other damage sources. Water doesn’t simply get everything wet for a time. It also creates a prime breeding ground for mildew and mold, leading to long lasting and extensive damage in your home. The presence of mold also creates a significant health problem for yourself and your family.

We’ve found that it’s a good idea to get the ball rolling on water damage earlier than later. Your home in Colorado is primarily at risk from two sources: either your home is on a flood plain, or the plumbing caused the issue. If it’s a flooding disaster, you need specific flood coverage on your insurance. For other water related issues, it’s a claim that we handle with the general perils list.

Home insurance helps pay for your renovations and repairs, as well as living cost with some insurance options our agents find for you. We have a free online tool that makes premium comparison simple, as well as agents who know exactly what they’re talking about.

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