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Fort Collins Colorado started as a camp for fur traders along the Cache la Poudre River. Later a fort was built and then abandoned. So local citizens built a hotel and general store. This “can do” attitude shows up even today with semiconductor firms, government, and education institutes driving the economy. Its highly educated diverse workforce makes for innovative solutions.

Fun Time

With the river nearby white water rafting has been a favorite with Wanderlust Adventures. Bee Family Centennial Farm lets locals experience what life was like before electricity. For relaxation a trip to the Blue Skies Winery lets you taste gourmet brews. To get fine arts in a Candlelight Playhouse hosts a dinner and a show. Of course being Colorado environmental concerns are primary. CSU Annual Flower Trial develops new botanical delights by bedding plants on nearly 3 acres. Add in an environmental learning center to teach best practices in taking care of the land, and you have a paradise in the making. If you want to see such take a ride in the Flight of Fancy balloons above the city and admire the interaction.

Ready Yourself

With all there is to see or do in Fort Collins Colorado, make sure you are healthy enough to do so. The best way to do that comes as adequate insurance coverage. Annually check your health insurance needs. As your local agent I know all the policies, what riders to use, and can offer many options to modify policies for your family’s needs. Don’t forget the spouse. Check any policy you get with their policy and see if putting the two together results in better coverage.

Fort Collins Colorado is a grand place to live. Make sure you are healthy enough to enjoy it fully.

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