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The Wheat Ridge area started as a strong agricultural area, just to the west of Denver, Colorado. As the population grew, the city became urbanized. By 2012, the population grew to a little over 30,000. Recently, changes have brought agriculture back to the area.

Urban farming is encouraged and community gardens and farmer’s markets can be found throughout the city. This also makes the area a perfect location for anyone desiring a smaller city lifestyle with easy access to both rural and big city opportunities. For those looking for a small town feel, the Federal Heights area to the north of Denver has a population of about 12,000 with extensive recreational choices including Water World.

No matter which city you call home, you need to be prepared for some harsh winter weather and large amounts of snow. On average, the Denver area gets nearly 60 inches of snow each year. Temperatures can drop well below zero F., but rise into the 60s the next day.

Make sure your homeowners insurance covers you for damage that could result from heavy snow accumulations on your roof. You also need to protect your home from frozen water pipes in the winter. Some residences in the Wheat Ridge or Federal Heights area may even need to have flood insurance protection.

To get the best rates for your Wheat Ridge or Federal Heights area home, compare quotes from several major insurance providers. Independent insurance agents, like the ones at our company, can provide you with quotes quickly. You can even compare quotes online at your convenience.

Don’t get caught without enough homeowners insurance for your home. Get in touch with us today. Our agents can answer any questions you have and provide information to determine if your Colorado home should have flood insurance coverage.

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