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For Colorado drivers, auto insurance is both a benefit and a necessity. Finding affordable car insurance and determining the type and amount of car insurance that is correct for you is an important task, but sometimes a daunting one. Luckily, Evertree Mountain States, CO is there to help.

Colorado requires every driver to carry at least liability insurance, which will cover damages to the other car and injuries to the other driver and/or passengers in an accident. It’s important to note that Colorado requires that fault be established before a claim has to be paid by an insurance company. The minimum amounts of liability insurance required in this state are $15,000 for property damage and $25,000 per person for bodily injury (up to a $50,000 maximum per accident).

In addition to the bare minimums, many drivers in Colorado will find it valuable to carry additional insurance. In fact, if you finance your car, the company that gives you the loan will most likely protect their investment by requiring you to carry collision and comprehensive insurance. Collision will cover the damages to your vehicle in a "no fault" or hit and run accident, and comprehensive insurance will cover theft, vandalism and other occurrences other than accidents that could damage your car. You may want to get collision or comprehensive even if you’re not required to, just to protect your own investment in your car. In addition to these types of coverage, medical payment insurance is a popular choice because it can help cover the cost of injuries. You might also want to consider uninsured motorist, roadside assistance or rental car coverage.

No matter what type of insurance you decide to get for your car, it’s important to try to get the best possible price. To help you find affordable car insurance, our website offers you the chance to compare quotes live online, a tool that will help you find exactly what you need at the best possible price, quickly and easily.

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