Can I Get Coverage if I am a Tenant in the Property Where I Run My Business?

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If you own your own company but you conduct business on a rented property, you can still get the business insurance you need. While the owner of the building does have insurance, this is a completely different insurance policy and you will need to carry your own policy as the company owner.

Commercial insurance is available in several types, but you will need only specific kinds of commercial coverage since you are a renter. Liability coverage is necessary even though you are not the property owner. As part of your tenant agreement you typically agree to properly maintain the premises where your company is operating. Thus, if someone is hurt while on the property you as the tenant will be responsible. Your commercial insurance will cover situations like these. You may also make products or provide some type of service from which people could sustain damage. If you do so, then your commercial insurance will also cover these instances.

As a renter you will need to also make sure that all of your company property is covered under the commercial policy. This will be, in many ways, like a renter’s policy for someone who is renting a room in a house. This type of commercial insurance is basically just there to give you replacement coverage for the contents of the building you rent. This will typically include coverage for vandalism and theft.

Don’t leave yourself without the commercial coverage you need. While you may be a renter, you still need to protect your company and your property. Our agents can give you a live quote that compares major carrier policies in just minutes. Call us today to get started!

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