Are there any pet restrictions on any homeowners insurance policy?

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Selecting a homeowners insurance policy that is appropriate for your needs in Arvada, CO can seem complicated when you have a pet. Although every policy and insurance company is different, some plans may have pet restrictions that you need to consider before you bring home that new puppy, parrot or cat.

Dog Breeds

Many insurance companies will exclude certain dog breeds due to the perceived risk associated with the pet. Dog breeds that have a history of biting or are often used as guard-dogs may be excluded from your policies. You can also expect that certain wolf-hybrids and sled-dogs, like Huskies, may be excluded from a policy.

Although dogs are the most common pet that is excluded from most homeowner’s insurance policies, you may need to read the plan thoroughly before you assume that your pet is safe. In some cases, homeowners insurance may also limit protection on your policy for any dog that has a mix of the listed breeds.

Exotic Pets

While the details about pets that may be considered exotic by your policy can vary, you can expect that certain pets are automatically excluded in your policy. Tigers, lions, cheetahs and alligators are not likely to be covered.

Read your policy thoroughly if you are unsure about a pet bird or a specific cat breed. You may also want to contact an insurance company if you have a snake or any other pet that may be classified as exotic.

There are often pet restrictions in the basic homeowner’s policy because certain pets have a high risk of causing injuries, biting or otherwise causing risks that may not exist if you have a different pet. Contact us to speak to an agent to learn more about restrictions and exceptions in a policy.

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