When does homeowner insurance cover attorney fees in a civil suit?

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There are a variety of situations that can result in facing a civil suit in Arvada, CO. When you are facing a court case, you may discover that the attorney fees are too high for your budget. Fortunately, some cases may be covered by your homeowners insurance policy.

Basic Liability Coverage

It may not surprise you to discover that your homeowners insurance will usually pay for attorney fees if you are being sued after an accident. You can expect that your neighbor or a guest who visited your home may want to take you to court after tripping on a patch of ice, a garden plant or tumbling down your stairs.

In most cases, your liability protection will cover the medical bills and other related expenses associated with an accident that took place on your property. You may also be able to pay the fees of an attorney if that individual takes you to court.

Covering Unexpected Court Cases

Even though a dog bite, slander and libel cases may not directly relate to your homeowner’s policy, it is possible that your plan will offer some solutions if you are taken to court in relation to these claims.

A false arrest, slander and libel cases are not always easy to handle. You may not know how to defend yourself if someone suggests that you have said something about them that is not true or was an attempt to harm their reputation. Your homeowner’s policy may provide some solutions so that you can hire a lawyer for the civil suit.

It is hard to determine what options are available if you are facing a court battle, but you may discover that some insurers offer solutions for homeowners that are unexpected. Contact us to talk to an agent for more information.

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