Will I have to qualify before I can purchase health insurance for my small business in Arvada, CO?

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It’s helpful that we have information about your location in Arvada, Colorado because every state has different health insurance rules and regulations. Not every health insurance company provides health and dental coverage in every state.

For the most part, employers typically pick up the costs for least half of each employee’s premium coverage. Some business organizations also contribute to premiums for employee family members. The balance of the premium/premiums are paid for by the employee. You can also elect to include covered dental insurance, or offer it as a self pay option. The fee is usually quite modest.

Health insurance plans are available at group rates and this is an advantage offering reduced rates and helping to protect the health and wellness of employees. It’s also helpful when you are looking to hire new employees. A number of group health plans also offer a modest life insurance policy. Additionally, the amount you pay toward employee premiums based on your plan may qualify as a business tax-deductible.

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Don’t leave yourself in a position where you don’t have health insurance, or the level of health insurance coverage you need. It’s not worth the risk. Instead, contact Evertree Mountain States to find out what health insurance options you have available in Arvada, Fort Collins or the metro area to ensure your employees are covered.

That being said, you may have questions, or concerns about rates and plans from multiple carriers that aren’t clear. We encourage you to contact us for advice and recommendations based on your business structure. Your local independent agent can be of tremendous help so that all of your questions are answered.

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