I don’t live near water, do I need flood insurance in Fort Collins, CO?

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Before any decision is made about flood insurance, we need to examine your exact location in Fort Collins, Colorado. This location should be compared to flood zones since Fort Collin Utilities participates in the National Flood Insurance Fund.

Flood insurance

If you live near, or in close proximity to the sea, a river, or low-lying ground water recognize that these are not the only considerations for flooding. You need to assess your flood risk. Conditions to be aware of include flooding from underground streams, surface flooding when rain is not absorbed, shallow flooding, overflowing or inadequate sewers, and internal flooding from broken pipes.

In condos, co-ops, or rentals, it’s possible to end up with damage due to floods that may happen with neighbors. This type of insurance not only helps to cover damage done in your own apartment, but It can also cover damages that your accident, or your neighbor’s accident may have caused.

Don’t find yourself in a position without the level of homeowners insurance coverage you need. Instead, easily compare quotes online with Evertree Mountain States to find out what options you have available to ensure your home and your family stay safe and secure.

At Evertree Mountain States, we know that if it’s determined that a property is at risk for flooding, then insurance companies may decline coverage, or charge higher premiums, excesses, or stricter requirements.

You don’t want to find yourself in this position. Flood risk can be determined by searches, raising esquires of the seller if you are in the process of buying, or by a survey.

As your independent agent in our Fort Collins community, we’re here to help you sort through the issues. Please contact us so we can provide you with the help you need.

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