How Will my Life Insurance Company in Fort Collins, CO, Access my Medical Records After my Physician Retires or Dies?

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When you are purchasing life insurance in Fort Collins, Colorado or any of the surrounding areas, you may be required to allow the insurer to look at your medical records. Insurance companies look at your records to determine if you have any pre-existing medical conditions before determining an appropriate premium. If your doctor dies or retires, then the process of obtaining your reports may differ slightly from the process before your doctor leaves the office.

Office Staff

If you give permission to the office staff in the medical facility, then they can give the records to the life insurance company so that you are covered if something happens later. You may need to fill out appropriate permission forms to give the records to the company, but the facility or office should have your records available.

Giving the Records Personally

It is not uncommon for a patient to request a copy of his or her medical records from the facility. If you are not comfortable giving access directly to the insurer, then you can request a copy of the records and send the details to your insurer before your coverage begins.

A New Doctor

Depending on the insurance policy, the insurer may require a new report showing your current health. Seeking a new doctor can result in updated information. The insurer can then use those updated records to determine your eligibility for different levels of protection.

When your doctor dies or retires, it does not mean that your records will disappear. Insurers have solutions that can make it easier to gain access to appropriate documents so that you can get the coverage you need. Contact Evertree Mountain States insurance to talk to an independent agent to learn more.

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