Does homeowner insurance cover jewelry lost or robbed in Fort Collins, CO, while I am outside the home?

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It’s well-known that most homeowners insurance policies cover a broad range of items stolen in the event of a theft. However, most people assume that such coverage is limited to items that are located within the home. But what if you’re out and about in Fort Collins, Colorado and you fall victim to a loss or theft of your jewelry?

Most people don’t realize that their jewelry, laptops and other items covered under their homeowners policy are also covered outside of the home. Such events may be covered under an off-premises provision or rider attached to your homeowners policy. This allows your homeowners policy to extend coverage of your private property if you have jewelry or other high-value items robbed or lost while you’re away from home. Depending on your specific policy, this coverage may be available to you without a deductible.

However, there may be limitations to off-premises coverage. For instance, you may run into upper limits for jewelry and other high-value items. Also, certain items that fall under your auto insurance or boat insurance policies may not be covered under your homeowners policy. This coverage might not be available in all areas, especially in places with high crime rates.

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