Is a Perma Liner Installation Covered by Home Insurance if a Pipe Cracks Due to Root Infiltration in Arvada, CO?

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Cracks in a pipe due to root infiltration can cause a variety of concerns for your property in Arvada, Colorado. Depending on your homeowner policy and the details of your plan, you may or may not be covered for the cost of a perma liner installation to repair the damages.

Basic Plans

A basic homeowner policy may offer insurance coverage for factors that are beyond your control, such as root infiltration, but there may be clauses or exceptions that limit the coverage amount. For example, an insurer may have an exception regarding cracks from root infiltration if the plant is located on your property or if it is within a certain distance of the house.

Clauses and exceptions usually relate to the risk of the situation. Depending on your policy, there may or may not be exceptions that prevent you from making a claim.

Fixing Your Pipes

In many cases, insurers will offer solutions to help pay for the damages to your pipes throughout the home. As long as you take appropriate measures to maintain your property according to the requirements of your policy, an insurer may have solutions to pay for the perma liner installation.

Every Evertree Mountain States insurance policy is different, so the details of your plan can vary slightly. Do not assume that you are covered unless you find the details in your current policy.

If you are not sure about the coverage in your plan or if you want to purchase a new plan, then working with an independent agent can help you find appropriate solutions. An agent will help you compare your options based on your specific concerns. Contact us to talk to an agent to learn more today.

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