What Property and Perils are Excluded from Most Homeowner Policies in Fort Collins, CO?

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Buying a homeowner policy for your property in Fort Collins, Colorado can seem complicated. Certain perils may be excluded from the basic home insurance policy, so you may need to add additional protection to keep your property safe. Although every insurer is different and the details of your Evertree Mountain States insurance policy may vary, certain perils are commonly excluded.


Flood damage is rarely available in a basic homeowner policy. Although some insurers may offer protection against certain situations, flooding from rainfall, a rising river or any other natural risk factor may not be covered.

Although flooding from nature is not covered, a burst pipe may still be covered as long as you maintained the property according to the guidelines in your policy. A burst pipe is related to the house, not the weather.

Earthquakes and Tornados

It is not common for insurers to provide coverage for damage related to earthquakes and tornados. Even though you may have a low risk of facing either situation, it is a peril that is rarely covered in a basic policy.

Terrorist Attacks

If your house is damaged by a terrorist attack, then it is not likely to be covered under your basic policy. Many insurers will not protect against terrorist attacks, nuclear explosions or similar situations.

Although an attack from terrorists may not be covered, vandalism and break-ins are usually part of a basic policy. If your home is damaged from graffiti or similar acts of vandalism, then your insurer will usually offer some protection.

Every insurance policy is different, so it can be hard to determine what is covered and what is not. When you are not sure about the details of your plan, contact us to talk to an independent agent to learn more about your options.

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