Does my business property policy in Arvada, CO, cover damage caused by natural disasters such as hurricanes and tornados?

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Whether its Arvada, Fort Collins, or any other location in Colorado or the US, each state is different when it comes to commercial insurance requirements and laws. One consistent requirement, though, is they all require automobile insurance coverage.

The best approach is for you to review your existing commercial insurance policies so you understand your coverage and exemptions. Then work with your Evertree Mountain States agent to discuss options for additional coverage that will provide even more protection in the event that natural disasters strike.

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Our site is structured so that it’s easy to find the best coverage in minutes for your budget by comparing commercial and property insurance quotes with Evertree Mountain States online.

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You might even feel more comfortable discussing things over the phone. As your independent agent we can help to protect you and your business with the most efficient and cost-effective commercial property coverage including the possible need for flood, hurricanes, and tornado coverage. You may or may not be in a flood zone, and that’s something we would have to check on. Please contact us to speak with our Arvada Colorado community Evertree Mountain States insurance agent.

Be Prepared

Set up a file with a record of all of your business equipment and assets for full compensation if any items that might be caused by accident damage. It’s important to keep receipts because most standard commercial business policies also offer reimbursement for all out-of-pocket expenses.

Take Photos

Be prepared to be able to provide your insurance company with a detailed description and photographs of all the damage sustained to you business property. This evidence combined with the receipts is very helpful.


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